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Link Love #3

Another week, another list of articles that I’m sharing with y’all! 

you would think I’ve caught the travel bug or something with all of the travel articles I read this week, but I guess that’s true in a way. I’m actually heading to Berlin in 12 days and then back home to Canada two weeks after that! 

Enjoy the links! 


WIAW Hunger Shame

Lately my hunger has been INSANE, like out of control. I’m trying not to shame my body because it’s obviously telling me something. 

Nutrition Advice that drives me Crazy

I think there’s way too much advice out there that is so irrelevant and unneeded, especially when it comes to nutrition… It just confuses everyone, not knowing what to believe. 

The easiest way of eating healthy on a budget

This is something that I have been struggling with processing in my head that as I continue to find that appetite of mine, the more my wallet has been hurting. Great article for eating healthy while intuitively. 


When everyone is doing the same thing

Yikes, this seems to be happening a lot lately, but WE are all unique nevertheless. 

The 1000 ab challenge

Oh gosh this was intense! I’ll admit I used to think that Pilates looked easy until I tried it myself and I’ve never EVER found a type of workout that has made me this sore. Try it!

Summer in Berlin

Since I’m heading to Berlin in less than two weeks this post was super interesting! Defiantly going to have to soak up the sun in the parks; one of my favorite past times

Three exercises for newbie intuitive eaters

I’m all for learning more about intuitive eating ! I’m currently practicing this type of eating and I’ll admit its been scary but I’m loving it!

No I don’t need my husbands permission to travel alone

Gosh this post spoke to me more than I thought it would. You don’t even know how many times that I have gotten the comment “you’re travelling alone? As a girl?” … My reactions aren’t always the most pleasant I must say.

Budget tips for every city

Budget and travel in the same sentence pretty much sold me.


The pros and cons of working while traveling

My life for the past year put into a sentence. I originally came abroad to be an au pair simply because it was a safe and cheaper way to travel. I’ve come to learn that working during the week and travelling on my free time is much too exhausting that I’m not able to enjoy my trips as much because I just want to rest.


  • What’s your thoughts on travelling?
  • Have you ever caught he travel bug? 

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